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Ultimate Guide on CA Certificate for Student & Tourist VISA

A Chartered Accountant's certificate aka CA Certificate is a document that verifies the financial status of an applicant who is applying for a student  or tourist visa. This certificate is issued by a qualified chartered accountant and confirms that the student has sufficient financial resources to cover their expenses while studying abroad. This post should serve as an Ultimate Guide for CA Certificate for Student & Tourist Visa wherein we will try to address many questions we normally receive.


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What is a CA certificate for Visa?

CA certificate is actually a net worth certificate, it is a document containing the net worth of an individual, and is certified by a Chartered Accountant (CA). It is relied upon by Embassies for Visa Processing.

  • A net worth certificate is a document that shows an individual's financial standing at a particular point in time. It provides information on their total assets and liabilities, and the resulting net worth or equity.

  • The prime objective of having a CA certificate is to check the financial soundness of the applicant.

Why a CA certificate required for Visa?

Countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and those in the Schengen Area have a rigorous visa application process. One of the key requirements for obtaining a visa is demonstrating that you have sufficient funds to support your stay in the country, whether you are there for work, tourism, or you are sponsoring your child's education.

To meet this requirement, applicants are required to submit a Net Worth Report, which is prepared by a Chartered Accountant. The Net Worth Report details the applicant's liquid assets, such as bank accounts, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and other investments, as well as any immovable assets, such as property - flat or land.

The Chartered Accountant calculates the market value of these assets at the present time and prepares the report accordingly. This report is a vital document that is required as part of the visa application process, as it demonstrates the applicant's financial stability and ability to support themselves while in the country.

How to get a CA certificate required for Visa?

In order to get a CA Certificate for Visa, you need to contact a CA firm and submit your documents related to assets & liabilities. The Chartered accountant will review the information provided by you and will create Networth certificate. He will then certify the certificate with his signature, stamp and UDIN number. UDIN stands for Unique Document Identification Number and its mandatory for all kinds of the certifications by full-time Practicing Chartered Accountants. Generating Unique Document ID is critical for every certificate. With UDIN, everyone on internet can verify it genuinity.

Is a CA Report compulsory?

The visa application process of certain countries, such as US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and those in the Schengen Area, is known to be rigorous and stringent. Having a CA Report in hand is highly recommended as it provides a clear and concise summary of your financial status. By presenting this document, you can minimize the likelihood of receiving queries or objections from embassies during the visa application process. Essentially, the report communicates the clarity of your financial situation through a piece of paper, inspiring confidence in the mind of the visa officer. Despite the additional expense, the cost of obtaining a CA Report is minimal compared to other expenses and is definitely worth considering to increase the chances of a successful visa application.

How will the visa officer verify the authenticity of the CA certificate?

Visa officers have various ways to ensure that the documents submitted by visa applicants, including a CA Report, are genuine. They may conduct background checks on the chartered accountant who prepared the report, verify the authenticity of the stamp and signature, and compare the details on the report with other documents submitted by the applicant. In addition, they will look for UDIN issued for the certificate. The UDIN ensures the identity & genuineness of the information given in the certificate. Everyone can verify the UDIN on internet by going to the portal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)  at www.udin.icai.org.

Best part is that the identity of owner of information is protected. Only the issuer & visa officer knows the owners identity. But at the same time, the contents in the report can be verified easily. For example, search for this UDIN: 22252580AAAAAD1525, you will understand its potential.

In addition, some embassies and consulates may require original copies of the CA Report. These measures help to prevent fraud and ensure that the information provided in the report is accurate and reliable.

Overall, visa officers take the authenticity of submitted documents seriously and have various methods to verify their genuineness. Applicants should ensure that all documentation is accurate and genuine to avoid any issues during the visa application process.

What information is required by the CA?

The following information is required:
  • Details of Income from the recent filed ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 16
  • Details of Liquid Assets such as Bank balance, fixed deposits, etc
  • Details of Movable Properties such as Stocks and mutual funds
  • Details of Immovable Properties such as Flat or Land
  • Details of Loans such as Home Loan, Education Loan, etc

What is your procedure for issuing the CA Certficate?

Once you have given us the go-ahead, we will share an Excel sheet or Word document that contains all the necessary details we require. You will need to provide the requested information and submit the required documents to us.

We will then use this information to prepare a draft copy of the CA report, which we will send back to you for your review and confirmation. If you are satisfied with the draft copy, you can release the balance fees to us, and we will proceed with generating a Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) for the report.

Within a few hours, we will have the final version of the CA report ready, along with verification proof for the UDIN. We will deliver the report to you via soft copy and by courier.


 Why should I use your services?

It's a fair question and here are the reasons why you can trust us with your case.

  • We generate over 50+ visa certifications every month for different countries, proving our proficiency in this field.
  • Valuation is an art that we have almost mastered through our subject matter expertise and expert conversations with Visa officials, consultants, and counsellors.
  • In addition to this report, we often provide valuable advice and pro tips to Visa applicants to ensure success, as a complimentary service to our clients.
  • We have received numerous appreciations and positive feedback from our clients via Trustpilot and Google reviews, which can be found at the end of this article.
  • To protect your privacy, we only require bare minimum documents such as screenshots of liquid assets, income proofs, and proof of property ownership to issue this report. Just provide us with the necessary information and minimum documents.
  • We are available 24x7 to accommodate clients from all parts of the world, and we work during your free time.

How FAST can I receive the CA Report / Certificate?

We conduct a thorough analysis of each application, avoiding the rush of making quick conclusions, this helps us to uncover any gaps or missing information in your visa application.

In addition, we can provide a digital copy of the report within 48-72 hours on average, once we receive the necessary information and documents from you. Many other CA firms take up to 30 days even after promising 3-4 days.

I have Gold jewellery but I don't have any receipt for it, can I show it in my Networth Certificate for VISA?

According to the Central Board of  Direct Taxes (Income Tax Board), it is permissible to possess a certain amount of gold without a receipt or invoice, or even if it appears to be inconsistent with the individual's income tax records. The limits vary based on the individual's gender and marital status, with married women allowed up to 500 grams, unmarried women up to 250 grams, and married or unmarried men up to 100 grams.

Sample Gold Jewellery Evaluation

Sample Gold Jewellery Evaluation for CA Certificate For Student & Tourist VISA | Free Certificate Samples CA | Free Evaluation | Mumbai CA

Can I include my house property for CA Certificate for VISA?

Yes, you can show your house property as a part of your net worth certificate for a visa application. A net worth certificate is a document that shows the total value of an individual's assets and liabilities, and it is often required by immigration authorities to determine an individual's financial stability and ability to support themselves while living abroad.
Sample of Sanctioned Education Loan
Sample of Sanctioned Education Loan | Ultimate Guide on CA Certificate for Student & Tourist VISA |

I have received a scholarship, can I include to show the financial ability?

If you have been awarded a scholarship, you may include the scholarship letter as proof of your financial ability. Typically, this letter is supplied by the educational institution that awarded you the scholarship. Similarly, if you have obtained a governmental grant, you must submit a copy of it as well.

What Financial documents are required for F1 visa interview?

A F1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows international students to enter the United States and study full-time at an accredited academic institution. The F1 visa is granted to students who plan to attend a university, college, high school, private elementary school, seminary, conservatory, or any other academic institution or English language program. The visa is intended for individuals who wish to complete a degree or engage in academic study or research for a specified period in the United States. 

You are required to submit an original and authentic CA statement / certificate that summarizes your fixed and liquid assets, dated no earlier than 4-5 days before your visa interview date. Additionally, you must provide all original documents for each item listed in the CA statement.

The CA report should be addressing to whom in Canada for Students Visa?

Can a CA Report be helpful in second submissions for a visa application?


In this particular case, it was stated during the first application that the applicant did not have sufficient financial backing to complete the course, and that there were doubts about whether the applicant would leave the country at the end of their stay. The applicant had not submitted any CA Report with the first application.
In the second visa application, the applicant approached us for a CA Report, which we created and was subsequently submitted as part of the application. The result was that the visa application was approved and the applicant received the visa. The CA Report played a significant role in strengthening the application and addressing the concerns raised during the previous application.

If my student visa application is refused, do I have to wait before I apply again?

Rules differ for each country, for example, after a refusal of your student visa application to Canada, one may apply again at any time unless the decision letter specifies otherwise. However, you should reapply only if you can provide new or additional information that was not included in your previous application such that you have sufficient financial backing to complete the course.

Canadian Embassy and Consulates Addresses

High Commission of Canada, New DelhiConsulate General of Canada, Bengaluru
7/8 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi 110 021, India
World Trade Center, 22nd Floor
26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road 
Malleshwaram West
Bengaluru – 560055
Consulate General of Canada, MumbaiConsulate General of Canada, Chandigarh
Indiabulls Finance Centre, 21st Floor, Tower 2, Senapati Bapat Marg,
Elphinstone Road (West)
SCO# 54-56, Sector 17 A,
Chandigarh 160 017, India


What does this message regarding Visa application, tracking ID No. means?

In this case, the client had applied through VFS and the message stated as follows:
Visa application, tracking ID No.****– Your processed decision envelope has been dispatched from the IRCC Office, on XXXX-XX-XX (Date) XX:XX:XX GMT Standard Time to the Canada Visa Application Centre in CVO-NEW DELHI.
Basically this means that Visa embassy is going to send it back now to VFS visa centre and they will send it to you if you paid for the courier services or you can pick up in-person.

Sample of Visa Copy Canada


Sample of CA Report for Student Visa


This article was updated on April 25, 2023